Chaos Legion Splinterlands Referral Promo

Splinterlands Referral by unitqm

Nothing, unless you use the link/code of someone who is running a promotion.  

I am running a promotion right now.

When you use my referral link I will send you a pack of Chaos Legion cards.  

All you have to do is tag me in the Splinterlands Discord after you’ve signed up. My username is @unitqm.  It’s easy to find me.  I’m a mod over there. 

What is a Splinterlands Referral Code?

Technically there aren’t referral codes anymore.  People now refer to ‘referral links’ as ‘referral codes.’  There’s no benefit for a user signing up with a referral link.  Only the person who shared the link gets the benefit. That benefit is a a 5% kickback on all credit purchases.

Splinterland account owners can find their referral code on desktop by clicking on “Affiliate Program” in the menu that appears when you click on your username. This will show you a URL that looks like this…

Option 1:

Simply use this link when you sign up.

Option 2:

Just put my username “unitqm” in the field below when you sign up.

Can I use a referral code on myself?

While you technically can I wouldn’t recommend it. It might make things tricky from a tax reporting standpoint and the less scrutiny placed on the game for tax purposes the better.  

Yes, but… Make sure that you’re actually clicking on a link that is taking you to the official Splinterlands site.  To do this hover over the link without clicking. Your browser will show where the link will take you in the bottom left hand corner. It should look similar to the links seen here…

Is this an official Splinterlands site?

Nope. All images appear courtesy of Splinterlands.

Why should I use your referral code?

I am giving away a Splinterlands Chaos Legion pack for people who sign up and purchase a Splinterlands spellbook using my referral code. Some other sites promise cards as their incentive. What they aren’t saying is that these cards are already playable as ‘ghost’ cards in the game. They cost pennies and you have no chance at getting Epic or Legendary cards. When you use my code you also get a chance at opening a gold card.

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